What Party DRESS PERSONALITY are you?


Your personality is what pulls your whole look together. It’s your personality that dictates your style, which is your very own interpretation of fashion and how you like to wear clothes together.

Finding the perfect dress for the party and festive season- means something different to every woman.

Here are some dress selections to suit every style personality.

  • Classic

This group always prefers a smart, neat and tidy look and they buy the best quality they can, so they can get many wear outs for the years to come.

My dress suggestions: THE CARLOTTA DRESS   and THE DAISY DRESS!


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  • Contemporary

These women will buy timeless dresses with a modern twist. These women like to be comfortable in their dresses as current from boardroom to after hours.

My dress suggestions: THE DEHLIA DRESS and THE HEROMINE DRESS!

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A unique dress look is of high importance to them and they will always choose a standout dress, which doesn’t mean they will compromise on comfort on wearing it.. Looking unique at work and after hours is absolutely key for this group.

My dress suggestions: THE DUCHESS DRESS and THE LUNA DRESS!

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Glamorous women love shine and luxurious texture such as silk and satin, which adds always a shine to their look. They usually step it up from desk to party time- either in make up or accessories or even change into a different dress.


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Any cluttered looks and fussy styles are rejected, with Naturals opting instead for easy to wear dress designs in discreet colours. Their party dress choice are all about a relaxed feel with the minimum of fuss is their signature.

My dress suggestions: THE DONNA DRESS and the THE DIANA DRESS!

Screen Shot 2016-11-12 at 19.18.30 Screen Shot 2016-11-12 at 19.20.11


They love pretty and feminine dress designs such as ruffles, pleats, bows and floral print and adore any shade of pink. Romantics love the idea of dressing up, that means a lot time and planning goes into what they wear at work and after hours in the party and festive season.

My dress suggestions: THE CILLA DRESS and the BELINDA DRESS made out ITALIAN silk cotton!

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