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Smart dressing with our dress options!


We all lead a busy life and from 35 onwards we know what works for us in terms of body shape, life style and what our style preference. With our concept you can update your look with beautiful luxurious Italian fabric and create with ease an updated look for the season and occasion without compromising on the quality and fit of your dress. You simply choose your preferred and/or favourite dress style and pair it with a different fabric.

Here is the Clarissa dress. The dark blue is bade out of navy blue Italian double crepe, the light blue/grey one is made out of single crepe and the other is made out of Couture floral silk Ungaro print. As a result you have a modern class dress for the colder months, a dress for warmer months and one for the special occasions.  No running around in shops, spending time undressing in changing rooms, ordering online and hope the dress will fit you.

Shopping for fit and style couldn’t be any easier! Plus you will be wearing your very own dress style and creating your own signature look. After all it is all about looking unique rather be a bad copy from someone else.

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