Michaela Jedinak ‘ Fashion Truths Nr. 5: Dress towards your body strengths!


Dressing right takes strategy. In order to look our best, we all have to follow a dressing code, which is different to every woman. Simply because we all vary to one another in our build and body features even if we share the same dress size.  As we have our unique DNA we all have our unique Style DNA. That means we can’t wear want we want or simply love the look of. Not every fashion trend has been designed with our body shape and build in mind. I believe every woman should dress towards her body strengths rather weaknesses. It is another way of finding your very own signature style rather be a bad copy of someone else. It is such a negative outlook to compare yourself constantly to other women and feel you are coming always short. So, dare to be different and follow your dressing code:

A well-dressed woman always dresses towards :

  • Her body shape
  • body proportions
  • colouring
  • towards the occasion
  • appropriately/professionally
  • towards her age
  • and always with a current twist.