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All dressed up for Mother’s Day


Wishing everyone a very HAPPY Mother’s Day !

Get dressed on this special occasion in the Esther dress made in a blue grey single crepe

My main inspiration for my fashion label. She raised me to be a STRONG WOMAN, because she was raised by a Strong Woman.


My mother taught me from a very early age the importance of strength. She always said ” you need to know yourself from the inside and the outside”. You need to know who you are, so you can pick yourself up, can rely on yourself , help yoursefl- because often in life there is not always someone there to help you or will have your best interest at heart.
I didn’t have a clear vision of becoming a fashion designer and an entrepreneur when I was young, but dressing right and appropriately was always part of my upbringing. My mother, who is one of the most fashion conscious women I know. Looking unique and one of kind is her fashion religion. It was always key for her that her look had to suit her, be comfortable to wear, fit the occasion and be appropriate in that moment to wear. She said anything else would not make her look like a fashion pro, but like a fashion amateur. Fashion is there to empower you and to bring the best out of you. Therefore liking something is not reason enough to wear it. You need to know yourself and its rules first before you are ready to play and have fun with fashion. Otherwise it will just do the opposite.” My mother was with heart and soul a doctor and worked long hours every single day including the weekends. So, dressing herself-didn’t take more than a couple of minutes and shopping was pure power shopping where decisions were made in split seconds. To this day she has a power wardrobe that reflects always her current her. So, I guess the skill set and knowledge was always there, but it took a few turns before I followed my fashion vision and put into action