Enjoy a more sustainable Christmas


Some inspirations on how to celebrate a more sustainable & greener Christmas – for a better us and to create a positive impact in the world we live in.

It is not all a glorious Christmas time, because it has a very dark side and one of them is CHRISTMAS WRAPPING PAPER.

> Say no to wrapping paper
We removed all unnecessary packaging and all gift boxes. It is possible and customers don’t think less of us. They know why we do it.

Did you know that wrapping paper can’t be recycled as it contains plastic?
According to Biffa, the UK alone sent wrapping papers to landfills after Christmas -enough to reach 90% of the way to the moon!

What to do instead?
I don’t gift wrap, but instead use recycled bags or use Christmas bags – that I reuse year after year and Christmas stockings . Otherwise you can use plain brown paper that is recyclable.

Also, avoid using any type of sellotape, so you can keep reusing your wrapping paper.

So, join in and let’s do better this Christmas time & create some green and positive impact.