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My Velvet CRUSH


Velvet is said to have originated from Kashmir at the turn of the 14th century. But it was the 80’s that the majority of us first got to notice this luxurious fabric.

Here are my top 3 rules for velvet:

1. Wear Velvet only on body parts where you can take the shine and thick fabric. Don’t highlight features that are less flattering on you.

2. Keep it current by wearing only one velvet item at a time. If you wear a velvet dress don’t combine it with a velvet jacket or long black boots- it will give you a dated look from the 80’s.  

3. Opt for darker shades overall in your velvet pieces. Velvet looks always more luxurious in darker and richer colours. Best to keep it to a velvet jacket for a day look .

Choose your velvet piece in a classic style paired  in a black or bordeaux red.  This will guarantee you many wear outs for many years to come.  You can easily accessories to make it look and feel current.
Velvet is always in fashion at this time of year.

And with this mindset you ensure you shop with impact.