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It is all in the detail!


We all know that we always look better, healthier and more dynamic wearing our best colours near the face.

But what is also true that when we get older we have to say c’ est la vie wearing certain colours or make them work much harder.

1. Any shades of earthy colours ….they make our mature skin look older….”the wilting effect”. Jewel colours are better alternatives.
2. Black- most women will struggle with it- it drains the life out of us. Grey and navy blue are better choices.
3. Red and pink lipsticks- are starting to look harsh- coral or orange or soft pink are a better fit for us.
4. Platinum blonde or white blonde are hair colours that feed on the contrast of a young skin. So, a no no for a mature skin – it is now all about adding yellow into the highlights for a warmer hair colour.
5. BE CAREFUL with FLORAL PRINTS- they will do more harm than good. Cute, playful, sweet floral prints ….just doesn’t fit the age. Better choices are stripes or abstract. And any leaves in earthy colours will make us look even older than we are.

Don’t be afraid or sad of change. Change is good for a stronger and modern you.