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Are Fashion Shows on their way out?


Are FASHION WEEKS becoming an outdated business model? 🧐⁠
Geographically designated fashion shows are no longer the heart and soul of the industry — paying customers are.⁠
Many designers decided not to show at Fashion week. Some of them don’t want to show at all, others at a time and place of their choosing.⁠

There are signs that Fashion Weeks are no longer necessary, not in its current format.

The pressure to hold splashy runway spectacles is doing many fashion designers more harm than good. The big labels that can benefit from shows will hold them when and where their customers are paying attention e.g. Tom Ford showing in LA during the Oscars weekend.⁠

Store buyers are long gone from fashion shows, because there is no need to the ” see and buy now Fashion Show concept. ⁠

As a result the new strategy for wealthy labels will be to create talked-about branding events that needn’t be tied to a fashion calendar or a city. ( NO FIGHTING over celebs, stylists, journalists – who is attending which and no more sharing the limelight and attention with other brands.)

This way they will control the narrative from start to finish.⁠

The problem with smaller brands showing at Fashion Week is that they waste valuable funds marching clothes up and down a catwalk when what they really need is a closer relationship with customers.⁠

🔜All industry players, including fashion weeks, have to change their strategies and and be willing to change the way business is done. ⁠It is not business wise and sustainable.