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Dress pockets YES OR NO?


Who doesn’t love pockets?⁠

The Fashion Truth is they are usually not flattering on any fitted styles. ⁠

First of all they are adding visual volume to that body part- they make these areas bulky. And if you don’t happen to be of a slim frame or bloated e.g because it is the time of the month – pockets won’t do you any favours on fitted styles.⁠

Secondly they often look worse to wear after a few uses and make the whole garment look tired and messy. Plus the worn out pockets add even more visual volume to your body parts than the unused ones.⁠

So, if you must have pocket in your dress or skirt then ALWAYS choose an A- line pleated skirt style, which starts straight from the waist or waistband. ⁠


Because the pockets styles are nicely tugged away- invisible to others- and due of the pleated roomy style your look will always look sharp and stylish.⁠