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Fashion has to reinvent itself


Having moved away from the 4-seasons-a-year fashion cycle to up to 20 collections a year, brands constantly feed our appetite for buying the latest trends and so-called must haves.

But these clothes often come at a much higher price tag- that is not being advertised – only because it is hidden – it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist or is not real⁠.

The environmental impact of fashion weeks is minimal compared to sourcing and making clothes for the overall retail market — but it represents the industry’s need to keep the production wheels turning.⁠

One Show is taking decisive action : COPENHAGEN FASHION WEEK, which announced last week that it would require brands to meet a set of sustainability standards within 3 years.

If they are to keep showing and this requirement could result in some significant changes from brands and inspire other Fashion Shows to follow. #LEADBYEXAMPLE