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Trend Alert: Mass customisation


When starting our label in 2013 I always had the vision that fashion has to move from mass production to customisation. And it seems BIG FASHION LABELS have woken up to this ” TREND”. ⁠

I never understood how retailers and designers were / are selling the tale of the FASHION ILLUSION, that a dress design can fit all women across the sizes or that one dress size can reflect all women’s build around the globe. 🤔⁠

It is impossible. We are differently build even we share the same dress size!⁠

Plus if you take in consideration that the climate is very different around the globe, so how can a dress made for A/W suit women living in warmer climates? Just to name a few design problems.⁠

So, take e.g. @jimmchoo they have started to introduce their new design concept “Pick and Mix”, where clients partially produce the shoes they choose to buy. You can choose your shoe style (from a choice of six), its height and its colour. To these you can attach whatever you like-, from a 24-variation selection of seven sparkling Swarovski buttons or 20 variations of seven “brooches”.


So, I really feel I was on the right track. 👉 Here is our latest #custommade Chantal dress made in Fuchsia to lift our spirit, fit for purpose to wear at work, versatile in dress solutions and divine feel when wearing it. #limitededtion. For more options, please DM me. 💚⁠