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Be your own HOME NINJA


Working from home will be the new normal for the unforeseeable future. ⁠⁠ Working from home requires a different mindset, routine and time management. ⁠⁠ You have to dig deep to master your workday with success. The only way to succeed is to exercise a military discipline to win the day. ⁠⁠

🤜 Here is my best practice advice to be your own HOME NINJA to win the day- every single time!⁠

1. Schedule your week- keep it professional.⁠

⁠2. Schedule every day and stick to it⁠⁠

3. Get ready for the day by getting ⁠
dressed for it. Start the day on the right foot by removing any reason to stay in your pyjamas. ⁠

⁠⁠⁠4. Have a dedicated office space⁠
You don’t need a whole office, but give yourself a dedicated space that you try to work in each day, ideally away from where you tend to spend time after work.⁠

5. Focus on work only in order to be the most productive.
e.g. no laundry, stacking up the dishwasher.⁠⁠

6. Plan your breaks⁠ & connect with family and friends⁠

7. Tidy & clean up your home office. It will help you mentally to finish off the day – like signing off.⁠⁠

8. Prepare your to do list for the next day⁠The to-do list is different from your work schedule. It is a list of all the things you need to get done, so it is best to write them down rather using up necessary brain power.⁠