How to look your best when working when working from home?


Working from home, is the default status for most of us right now, and with this a new fashion category has been born : ” Waist-up dressing. “⁠

What to wear for essential Zoom or Skype or other online calls – which may be the only interactions you have with your colleagues – when just your top half is visible- requires a very different dressing style and finesse.

Simply because your” waist – up dressing ” is enlarged online- almost everything looks like under a microscope. ⁠

So, dressing right takes strategy.⁠

Here are my top tips for your best online STAR-PRESENCE:⁠

1. Create a focus⁠

Don’t clutter your online look by doing too many things at once. ⁠

Best to keep your hair neat ( or away from your face), minimum make – up ( avoid a strong lipstick/ my favourite is a lipgloss), choose your jewellery carefully – less is more- personally I would only wear stud earrings.⁠

2. Clothes Style⁠
Yes, you work from home, but keep it professional by opting for a smart casual style. ⁠

Personally I would only choose solid colours in light to medium shades. ⁠

Print designs don’t do you any favours, because they add additional clutter to your online STAR-PRESENCE and often look distorted in online calls⁠

Wearing a blazer or not depends on who you are talking to and in which industry you work in. ⁠
⁠TOP TIP: Keep your neckline free of clutter, so your words will carry more weight.⁠

FACT IS: The best professional online look is a classic, fresh and tidy one.⁠

For a signature look – just add one accessory e.g strong glasses or wear your top in a strong solid colour or necklace ( but make sure it sits below the collarbone)⁠

It will make you look sharp, dynamic and energised. Plus it will make you look younger and slimmer.⁠ ⁠