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5 New GREEN Exercises you can start today


5 New GREEN Exercises you can start today – even when in lockdown!

There’s a new must-have accessory every avid runner needs. It’s not the latest wearable tech. It’s not a pair of amazingly supportive running shoes. No, it’s the humble refuse bag. ⁠

This is part of a new wave of fitness-meets-conservation activity that gives you the opportunity to serve the greater good while looking after yourself. ⁠

🤜 Here are 5 ways in you can combine exercise and environmentalism.🌍⁠

1.# Plogging⁠
You don’t need to be a proficient runner to take up plogging, which gets its name from picking up litter and jogging. All you need to do is go out for a gentle run and pick up any trash or litter you find discarded as you go along⁠

2. #Trashbagmovement
Or you can help clean up your neighbourhood. Groups of people come together to tackle litter and trash at specific sites. They then share their results – huge piles of bulging refuse sacks – on social media and encourage others to join in. I was so inspired by this movement that I thought I need to step up my game and follow suit. After purchasing my litter picker and STOP LITTERING T- SHIRT on Amazon I was good to go. I was really shocked how much rubbish I collected in the first weeks, but the silverlinging that I received many thank yous, thumps up and even my own applause. But the best is that my actions inspired others to follow suit.

3. #Strawkling
The word comes from snorkelling and straws. It’s the brainchild of a group of Australian swimmers, divers and surfers. Its aim is to get people out into the water collecting plastic waste. ⁠

4. Green gym⁠
That’s where a group of well-equipped volunteers help to maintain green spaces due to lack of funds. ⁠

5. Just do it – outside⁠
There is another kind of green gym. The simple act of not powering up a running or rowing machine, for example, can instantly help reduce your carbon footprint and bring down your impact on the environment. ⁠

So, all in all we are in it together and we all have to change to lead a better more sustainable life and life style, so why not get started with these  5 New GREEN Exercises you can start today?