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Dress for yourself to boost your spirit


How are you feeling today? Dress for yourself to kickstart your day on the right foot.

I must admit I go through many emotions through out the day. There are times where I feel calm, strong, ok and then all at the sudden deep fear creeps up on me about all the uncertainty that lies ahead.⁠

Staying strong in the midst of a crisis requires me to manage my thoughts, feelings, and behaviour.⁠

To remember how to stay strong during Coronavirus challenges, I follow this A-B-C formula:⁠

1. Accept reality.⁠

Acceptance doesn’t mean agreement. ⁠

Accepting reality is about recognizing what’s within your control. When you can’t control the situation, focus on controlling yourself.⁠

🤜 Since I work from home now as everyone else I tend to get dressed for it. There are days where I like to put on a dress and other times it is smart casual. Yellow is one of my favourite colours, so I try to include it where ever I can. It always makes me feel happy.⁠

2. Behave productively.⁠

Accepting reality helps me to manage my thoughts and regulate my emotions—which are key to my productive behaviour and where I make choices about how to respond.⁠

Unproductive behaviour, like complaining or feeling pity for myself, will keep me stuck. Those behaviours are just toxic to my mental strength.⁠

So, when deep fear is creeping on me and starting to mess with my mind I am asking myself “What’s one thing I can do right now to help myself?”- A question that served me well since I can remember.⁠

3. Control upsetting thoughts.⁠

Our mind can be your best asset—or your biggest enemy. If I give in to my negative thoughts, my self-limiting beliefs will prevent me from moving forward – or just staying calm and strong what is the best we only can do right now.⁠

Some food of thought: When you dress for yourself you will carry this “ success feeling” on to your next task and will feel better when doing it. Dressing up for yourself is like showing up for yourself – and this behaviour you automatically internalise for the rest of the day.