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Mass production again behind schedule


Mass production again behind schedule- are we still surprised?

One of their many challenges will be managing unsold seasonal stock, as demand plunges worldwide. ⁠

Most retailers and designers have mass-produced SS20 collections in big batches to drop ship them in their stores on a daily or weekly basis in the run up to summer. ⁠

But there has been little appetite for it. Firstly because of all the bad weather caused by the storms and now by the international outbreak of the Corona Virus.⁠

Who needs a dress for work or play when you are asked to stay at home?

This was one of the reason why we stopped our made to order production a couple of weeks ago until things will change for the better. The advantage here is we are not sitting on pre-produced stock.

Seasonality still dominates many ready-to-wear brands that build their buzz through subsequent collections, while work on SS21 products will have already begun for many. As a result orders are too late to cancel and more stores closing, retailers need to plan ahead about what to do with unsold seasonal stock.⁠

These will be the available options for unsold stock:⁠

1. Burn them⁠
2. Send them to landfills⁠
3. Re-distributing to other markets ⁠
4. Discounting them⁠
5. Redistribute them to outlet⁠

Neither of the the options are preferable for a more sustainable world.

Instead fashion has to adopt to a new business model to avoid reproduced unsold seasonal stock.#darwinslaw

And we have to change to a sustainable fashion business model since mass production will be again behind schedule in the next season.

I am passionate about disrupting the traditional retail concept with our innovative made to order concept -no inventory model- promotes personalisation and sustainability while dramatically reducing wasteful over production, returns and carbon footprint.

Climate change has shown us for several years now, that we can’t expect the weather we are hoping/planning for in order to wear the clothes that have been made for us many months in advance. If anything the weather has been consistently unpredictable.⁠