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Volunteering for the Community


Michaela Jedinak volunteering for the community

I have been so inspired by all the people who have been stepping up to help and serve their communities in this crisis, so I was very keen to follow suit.⁠

Since I spend a lot of time in our parks I decided I can combine my dog walking with picking up litter. Also, I read about the  #Trashbagmovement
that help clean up your neighbourhood. Groups of people come together to tackle litter and trash at specific sites. They then share their results – huge piles of bulging refuse sacks – on social media and encourage others to join in.

I have shared my litter bags a couple of times on social media, which didn’t get a response at all. But me volunteering for the community by litter picking in the park sparked interests among some visitors, who follow suit. In the beginning I used to litter pick up to 5 x a week, but now more people are doing it, so I do it now once a week.

Most parks have removed all their public bins, because they have stopped their rubbish collections for the time being. Plus most park rangers have suspended their services with collecting litter other people left in the park.⁠

I can’t tell you how much litter I have been picking up- it is mind blowing how irresponsible many people are- from tissues, plastic gloves, red bull cans, poo bags, straws, plastic bottle to organic health snack bar packaging.⁠

On the flip side I am receiving thank you words and thumbs up by so many people. I received even my very own round of applause. ⁠

If you like to do it as well e.g. parks or where you live you can purchase litter pickers for very little money on Amazon- I purchased even my T-shirt STOP BEING TRASH on Amazon.⁠

We all can make a difference in our community and environment and I believe every little help and support leads up to a major change.