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Plastic Hangers are the Plastic Straws of the Fashion Industry


Hangers are the plastic straw of the fashion Industry.A beautiful garment/dress should and must hang on the right hanger type in order to avoid any bumps, looking out of shape or falling off the hanger.⁠

Choose durable and sturdy hangers to provide the right support for heavier garments.⁠

🤜 Opt for sustainable hangers over plastic ones.⁠

According to the world renowned French fashion designer Roland Mouret, plastic coat hangers are the “dirty secret” of the fashion industry.

Hanger pollution is a huge but largely unknown issue in fashion retail distribution, better known as the ‘garment on hanger’ (GOH) stage. This unseen stage is when garments are transported from factories to stores before being discarded for branded front-of-house hangers.⁠

It is estimated that 150 billion garments are produced globally every year. If just two-thirds of these garments use GOH, then at least an estimated 100 billion hangers are used annually for this stage alone.

Currently in the UK, 100 million plastic hangers are thrown away each year. These hangers can include a combination of up to seven different plastics as well as metal. They are made predominantly from expanded polystyrene, or polycarbonate, dependent on fossil fuels for their raw material and production.

The majority of these hangers are used once and then discarded, with 85% ending up on landfills, taking more than 1,000 years to degrade.⁠

So, let’s do better and choose hangers made for a sustainable future. 💚🌍⁠


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