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Tough women go anywhere


Tough women go anywhere! COVID-19 is rapidly transforming our workplace and how work is being done. ⁠

So many people have lost their jobs or their businesses are put on hold- and this is including my fashion business.⁠

Business as usual doesn’t exist, so I had to find other business opportunities as everyone else.⁠ It is about finding your new normal and that takes ‘ a minute or two.”

I am currently working on a new project that will be soon revealed and the oher job I do is: ⁠
#Iamalitterpicker in our community- no this one is not paid, but it gives me the needed success that I make a difference in our community. ⁠🌍

So, as I see it I am still working for a greener planet and for a better world we live in – just taking a D tour to adjust to new found circumstances.

These are the times where we have to reinvent ourselves and need to be tough. You can’t stand still and waiting for things come to you. It will only paralyse you and give you a negative mindset. ⁠

Tough times make you or break you and I am not the type of person to give up.⁠ ⁠

🤜 I believe being a leader requires being a leader of yourself first.

🤜 You have to put yourself out there. You can’t play it safe. Looking ahead and thinking where you want to play and how you want to win there⁠.

🤜 Striving for perfection is a losing game while taking imperfect action is a #gamechanger. Ultimately they keep moving you forward.⁠ No matter if go from failure to failure- important is that you don’t loose your passion in the process.

And this is the reason why I believe tough women go anywhere as long has they are committed in walking the talk and not just talking the walk.