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A great new trend among the GEN Z is emerging:⁠  DIY FASHION.

🤜 They don’t just want to buy more clothes. ⁠
🤜 They want freshness of DIY FASHIOn to create unique pieces, ⁠
🤜 upcycle from their own wardrobes and resell without the impact on the environment – doing the opposite to discarding them as fashion promotes this damaging customer behaviour and habbit.⁠

🤜 Their interests are all about customising, upcycling and reconstructing clothes amid Covid-19. ⁠

It is fantastic news that the young generation is interested in looking and being unique as well in sustainable fabrics and in the sustainable make/production of garments.⁠ DIY FASHION IS FASHION FORWARD.

In order to go full circle and not create unnecessary waste this generation needs to be taught as well: ⁠

🤜 that not all fashion trends work on all body shapes the same.⁠
🤜 that purchased patterns were created with an ideal customer in mind when designed by a garment designer. Therefore not all patterns will automatically suit all women across sizes, shapes, heights and body features.⁠
🤜 that they to know and understand their individual build first before choosing their favourite design patterns and getting started with creating outfits.⁠


As inventory mounts up across the world amid store closures, dead stock is going to be major issue, so it is a great idea and initiate by the the GEN Z to take over all these unwanted and unused stock and turn them into FASHION FOR GOOD 🌍 where they wear their ethical mindset & value 💚⁠

Mass production is remaining the biggest fashion culprit.  While over production is a standard business practise by very well known fashion designers and fashion labels to reduces cost of manufacturing. The extra produced garments are being burned or shipped to landfills in order to avoid going into sale or increasing shipping and warehouse costs.  So, basically their carbon footprint and waste is even larger than by fashion companies who ” only mass produce.”