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Dress for the Body Shape you have


Fashion rule Nr. 1: Dress for for the body shape you have!

Like anything in life – you need to know the rules first, before you can break them like an artist. ⁠
⁠ So, when it comes to enjoy fashion, having fun with it, looking and feeling your best, you need to dress for the body shape you have AND NOT WANT.⁠

Fashion and and fashion trends are not miracle workers – meaning only because it looks beautiful, pretty or cool it won’t transform that feeling and vibe if you do not have the body shape and build to support it. ⁠

I have been always passionate about finding the most flattering fit and style for a woman’s body shape. I provide style dress solutions and make trends relevant to them. I am designing dresses with women’s body shape in mind and challenging traditional retailers with my design concept. While many designers create dresses for one idealised body shape, I appreciate the diversity in body shapes and provide dress solutions and make trends relevant to them. Even though we share the same dress size we can’t wear the same dress to make us look our very best. As we have our unique DNA we have as well our unique STYLE DNA. Therefore dressing right takes strategy and with this in mind we can’t wear every single fashion trend. After all not every fashion trend has been designed with our body shape in mind.⁠

Let’s take the front bow fashion / pussy bow fashion trend like in my Giselle dress.

1. It will only look good on women with a smaller bust⁠
2. This trend is a playful trend, so to make it work for women older than a teenager it is crucial to mix match it with a minimalist or classic or masculine style.⁠
3. Chunkier and longer bows/ pussy bows don’t work on short women⁠