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Long time no wear


My Darling Suit, Long time now wear!

I miss wearing my suits? Why?⁠⁠ Putting on a suit sharpens the way I think, thus leading me to perform better. I am more focused and I feel stronger in a ” power suit”. As a result I can put all my energy into what matters.⁠

Plus it puts a great divide between professional and private life.

⁠ Everyone is different, but suits are made for me. I love the simplicity, versatility and practicality of them.⁠ My favourite suit styles are classic styles paired with classic blouses or T- shirt. I am not a fan of patterns, because they are very seasonal and date very quickly, so in my book they are as well not very sustainable. The only patters I like are strips, polka dots and animal prints, but to be honest it is not choice that I would wear to work.  But I do love to wear colour and love to colour block them every season differently. Seriously choosing a different colour block style changes the whole look and feel and it like wearing clothing.

When I was designing our suits feminine elegance was key and comfort was the non negotiable element. ⁠ This is a lesson I leaned in my previous life when I worked in the corporate world. Nothing is worse when something is tight, irrupting, cutting in your bottom, riding up- it makes you not only feel very uncomfortable through out the day, but it takes focus and concentration out of your work. And if that is not enough it makes you feel very self conscious and insecure about yourself. This is the last thing you need when at work.  Therefore I decided to design clothing that empowers women through out the day, so that they can focus on what matters in the day.⁠

The beauty of our designs is that you can choose different fabrics and colours in our design, so you can keep wearing the styles that you like and feel your best.⁠

Here is the Brunhilda blazer and Serena trousers made in Italian Couture rose pink cotton. A brilliant colour that has the perfect balance for exceeding feminine elegance to perfection. It is a colour that is ageless and will never go out of fashion.  Looking at my beautiful suits I feel it truly has been a long time no wear and I can’t wait to be back wearing them.