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In the EU, total packaging waste in 2016 amounted to nearly 87 million tonnes or about 170 kg per person.

The majority of brands rely on single-use plastic materials, which are difficult, if not impossible, to recycle.⁠

We took drastic measures over a year ago and removed all unnecessary packaging like gift boxes, cards, catalogues, tissue paper and gift boxes. It is part of our SUSTAINABILITY MANIFESTO 💪

And here is why⁠ we need to have a CALL TO ACTION for REMOVING all UNNECESSARY PACKAGING
1. ⁠
With rampant returns, you’re adding to the impact of clothing manufacturing and potentially doubling the carbon footprint of a garment in the process.⁠

Many retailers send products out in branded boxes with black tissue paper and ribbon. That package is then surrounded by a second cardboard box, creating“mountains of waste. ⁠

🤜The amount of single-use packaging is then doubled if the customer exchanges an item.⁠

2. ⁠
Yes, there is the possibility of choosing recyclable or biodegradable and that the e-tailer is actively working to replace plastic hangers, branded bags, ribbons, jewellery boxes and labels with more eco-friendly materials.⁠

🤜BUT – and it is a big hurdle – that this packaging tends to be between two to 10 times more expensive than plastic packaging, which averages around 4 cents per bag.

As a result only the likes of ZARA can compensate these costs⁠

So, what to do:⁠
1. Extra charge for sustainable packaging⁠
2. Or remove unnecessary packaging

It works for us, because we communicated to our customers why we took these measures. ⁠

And to be honest – they are not missing the unnecessary packaging that lasts only a NANO SECOND if they get instead a beautiful sustainable garment made to last.⁠

They can see where there money went to- and that is QUALITY IN FABRIC– DESIGN – AND MAKE ❣️

Removing all unnecessary is a non brainer.