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Style repeat is chic – less is more



Our quarantine life is triggering a positive new rethink how we wear our clothes by influencing our buying and wearing habits.⁠

Unlike runway-driven trends, this vogue starts in our own wardrobes. We are learning how to re-appreciate what we already own, figuring out how to “repeat our style with a new chic.”⁠

Repeat chic is about buying less, buying better, and increasing the life span of a wardrobe. By extending the lifetime of your garment only by 9months you can reduce the waste in resources, carbon footprint and waste by 20-30% in each category. 🌍

The British royal household is a bold influencer of the repeat chic movement, with Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge championing style. 👏⁠

Today is the 1st of May and I decided to make it all about the colour orange.  It is such a great colour and it looks great with neutral colours.

My favourite dress combinations are:⁠( no matter if you dress for formal or smart casual occasions- best to mix match them in solid colours for more style repeats and a sustainable wardrobe)

  • Sky blue & orange⁠
  • Light grey & orange⁠
  • White & orange⁠
  • Safari green& orange
  • Navy blue & organe

Did you know? Wearing orange is the intensification of wearing yellow. Dressing in orange will reflect that you a fun loving person who is comfortable with herself.

Dressing in the right colours can improve your self-esteem and confidence. It’s an easy way to look good, feel good and co-ordinate your wardrobe. Not only that but wearing the right colours can help you achieve a younger, healthier and groomed look without having to resort to drastic measures.

In business first impressions count and these are often based on your outward appearance. The way you select and combine colours can also influence how competent you appear to others.