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The dirty secret of Fashion: OVERPRODUCTION


The dirty secret of Fashion: OVERPRODUCTION – it is driven by the knowledge that conscious consumption today is crucial in order to make a change for tomorrow.⁠

The dirty secret of Fashion: Overproduction . Not to forget as mass production. Both remain the main culprits of fashion. And these are important problems to solve for a sustainable fashion future and to address climate change.

It is kind of crazy to believe that clothing production has ⁠
become so cost-effective at scale that brands would rather over-manufacture by 30 to 40 per cent than risk running out of stock. Much of that excess ends up incinerated or in landfills. It is Fashion’s dirty little (bombastrous) secret.

Since Europe went into lockdown, designers e.g. Giorgio Armani have been calling for change. ⁠

– They want their peers to produce less and less often. ⁠
– They want customers to buy more at full-price, and are petitioning retailers to realign the sales calendar so that e.g. summer sandals are discounted at the end of the season, in late September, rather than June.⁠

When I started Michaela Jedinak we were one of the very, very few who embraced sustainable fashion by embracing made to order to reduce waste and carbon footprint. ⁠
We believe in creating clothing that you’ll love for years to come.

Our on-demand production model also means every piece is created just for you with the highest quality in craftsmanship to last.⁠

Not just one season!⁠

– We don’t subscribe to the traditional seasonal calendar but offer you what you want, when you want it.⁠
– We encourage you to buy less and invest in quality.⁠

The dirty secret of Fashion: Overproduction is not that we at Michaela Jedinak subscribe to. We wanted to find another sustainable production process that supports quality, fit and craftsmanship.

Our pieces are modern but classic, multi-seasonal, and versatile enough to create a wardrobe for all occasions while remaining your authentic you.