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Back to New Normal


Rushing back to new normal.

The lockdown is starting to ease down and I am so ready to rush back, going back in the saddle and go full speed to make up for lost time.

But this is the moment where I need to pause myself. Life has changed, how we conduct business has changed and fashion is/will redefine its values and all designers have to revaluate their impact on climate change.⁠ We need to start to design with values. This is where sustainability in fashion has to starts – with product designs.

We had invested into new designs for this season, marketing and events, but we cancelled everything in March including our production. ⁠

The beauty of our business model made to order avoids any pre – production on a speculative base. Therefore we don’t have any dead-stock sitting in our warehouses and have not to concern ourself what we do with all the created waste. 💚

After considering all the circumstances like⁠

  • the slow numbers of people going back to the office⁠
  • women to continue to work from home,⁠
  • all life events and conferences cancelled⁠
  • summer holidays/ summer breaks so close by⁠

We have decided to skip this entire season since there is not enough justification and need to produce our new dress designs.  Not to forget that there is so much unsold stock available from fast fashion, high street , designer fashion and couture fashion. In order to shift them every retailer is discounting their unsold heavily and many to outlet prices.

Plus the window for producing, promoting and selling in June is too short.⁠

Last not least July and August everyone will be off to enjoy summer after the lockdown.⁠

We are hoping to be back in September, but all is depending how things are developing and where life will be in August.

I am sure that in September we will find ourselves back to another new normal, which is all depending what happens between now and then.